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'...A grand spirit of master storytelling hangs over the novel, and readers will be glad to go along for the ride.'- KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

'A stunning novel – a true rocket ride into a brilliantly imagined adventure. Very highly recommended.'  - Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

'Vick is undoubtedly a master...I felt a sense of intimacy with the characters...I advise mystery fans to grab The Book of Invasions.' - Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

'I lost many hours of sleep because I couldn't put it down. I couldn't believe how it ended. What a great twist.' - Sandy Camillo, author of The Journey of an Invisible Woman

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Twin sisters, a relentless cult, Egyptian and Celtic tombs, and a 5,000-year-old parchment scrap that might unleash the world's greatest evil.

Looking for more thrills? My small town murder whodunit trilogy might do the trick. An underachieving village cop and a disgraced journalist who hopes to redeem herself by rebooting the town's newspaper join forces to solve a murder using arcane clues from local history.

Check out the YA titles. My murder whodunits and thrillers have gained me many fans. But so have my YA titles such as Kaylee's Choice, The Irish Witch's Dress and Dance of Time. The Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer boasts readers in the US, Ireland, Australia, Canada and Great Britain. Check them out by clicking on the menu above.

A haunted hotel. A fortune teller who helps to open a cemetery tomb. A plague of frogs. A restaurant where visitors from the past seem to mysteriously appear. How can one village be so haunted? Finally, all of the village's most spell-binding stories in one collection. Also, check out WE ARE MUKWONAGO, a 110-year history of high school sports.

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Talking about The Book of Invasions with Rod on CBS 58's Morning Show

Twelve Cleopatras, sprinting sheep, and what Wisconsinites have in common with ancient Egyptians. It's all here.

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Haunted Mukwonago - The Hugely Popular Book of Small Town history and Mystery

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