A Little Bit about Rod

Author Rod Vick has led an unexpectedly interesting life, winning awards in national short story writing contests, climbing a mountain in bad shoes, running the Boston Marathon, battling a Coca-cola addiction, being chosen Wisconsin State Teacher of the Year, sinking a 40-foot putt for bogey, and meeting the President of the United States in the Oval Office.

However, it wasn’t until 2006, that he made a modest mark as a novelist after deciding to try something outside his usual adult sci-fi wheelhouse. He wrote Kaylee’s Choice, primarily aimed at middle readers. Hoping that the self-published book about a struggling ten-year-old dancer would find an audience, he was pleasantly (and, of course, unexpectedly) surprised when it sold over 10,000 copies and spawned a seven-book series. It also led to several serialized novels in national magazines that were later developed into the Dance of Time and Irish Witch book series.

Recently, Mr. Vick has written historical non-fiction and an adult murder whodunit series as well. The success of his novels has led to signings across the country in cities as inviting and lovely as Orlando, Nashville, Kansas City and Minneapolis, as well as cities somewhat less inviting and lovely. When he’s not writing, he runs, dotes upon his Lovely Wife Marsha, wishes for benevolent fairies to come during the night to mow the lawn, and pitches a pretty mean horseshoe. 

Relaxing on the front lawn, contemplating life's most ineffable questions.

Relaxing on the front lawn, contemplating life's most ineffable questions.

The Book of Invasions Is Here!

Just a proud papa author and his brand-new, bouncing baby novel.


The murdered twin of reclusive and broken Ricky Crowe has gifted her an ancient map to an evil that has been lost for 5,000 years. Reluctantly, Ricky is drawn into a global race against her sister’s killers to tombs in Egypt and Ireland to find what might be just a scrap of parchment. Or the end of everything.

Tuning in for Coffee

In October of 2021, I was interviewed by CBS 58 remotely. They were in Milwaukee, I was in a coffee shop in Winona, Minnesota.

Just chillin'

Seeley Lake, Montana where I ran the Snow Joke half marathon around Seeley Lake in February 2017. Also got a chance to visit with my amazing sister and her family.

Ready to get writer's cramp

The night before the start of the 2018 Midwest Irish Dance Championships, in Louisville, Kentucky where I autographed books for the next three days.

A wonderful opportunity

Addressing the local scholar-athlete honors night in 2018.

Happy holidays

Taking a break at Disney Springs during a December weekend signing in Orlando.

Just hangin' out in the Oval Office

This was back in 2000 when I was one of many U.S. teachers invited to meet the president. On the left is then-Education Secretary Riley.

Go big or go home

Posing in front of the world's largest spray foam hotdog in Mackinac, Michigan.