May. 4, 2022

I did it! Help!

It’s Christmas morning!

No, not the one in December. Yesterday, my publisher informed me that it was time. The book was going live digitally, and print copies would be arriving within a couple of weeks.

I did a little dance in the living room. It was not pretty, but My Lovely Wife Marsha suggested that she had been mildly entertained.

Of course, now there’s noting to do except sit back and wait for THE BOOK OF INVASIONS to climb to the top of the bestseller lists. Well, except for 1001 marketing and promotion tasks. However, if you’d like to throw yourself enthusiastically onto the INVASIONS bandwagon, the book can be ordered by clicking the BUY BOOKS link in the menu on my web site.

And I’d love it if you’d share this groundbreaking literary information with your friends. And possibly your enemies. Even random strangers on the street. Word of mouth (or email or social post) is the most effective advertising for those of us not named Stephen King, Ruth Ware, Dan Brown, or Catherine Coulter.