May. 29, 2022

The Man in the Spider Web Coat

My novel The Book of Invasions was recently published by Penmore Press, an independent publisher in Tucson, Arizona, and I was delighted to learn that they have a diverse and intriguing list of authors on their team that have penned thrillers, mysteries, fantasies, military histories, humor, and more. I've been working my way through their catalog, finding books I might enjoy, and looking for books I might recommend to others. As a result, each week, I'm going to use my blog to focus on one author and one of that author's novels. Maybe you'll see something you like. As a voracious reader, I've always been happy to have recommendations from others.

Since I'll be moving through the team alphabetically, today's focus will be on Philip R. Ackman. His bio told me he writes satire and was named Australia's Funniest IT writer in the late '90s.

I was immediately intrigued.

Ackman has one book listed in Penmore's catalogue, The Man in the Spider Web Coat, and here's the book blurb from his author page:

"Titus Buchanan, a professor who runs a think tank at Williams College, believes he’s figured out how to stage a successful revolution. When the United Nations adopts a historic vote spelling the end of colonialism, Buchanan seizes the opportunity to test his theory. His laboratory will be the Splendid Islands, a collection of palm-fringed cays scattered across three quarters of a million square miles of the South Pacific. Its inhabitants will be his lab rats.

But complications arise. The Splendids belong to New Zealand, and New Zealand has no intention of giving them up. The United States has its own secret “space age” agenda for the islands. The Queen of England is bound to support New Zealand, but she doesn’t want Britain to fall out with the Americans, who favor independence. Meanwhile, the islanders have their own ideas about self-rule. Reverend Geoffrey Brown, originally recruited by Buchanan to run the revolution, joins forces with an unlikely crew of locals and sets out to match wits with powerful opponents."

I enjoy political satire, and this sounds like it could be good. In fact, I found the description so tempting, that I ordered it today.

I'll eventually report back on Ackman and Spider Web Coat. And I'll profile another Penmore author and book next week. If you'd like to learn more about Ackman in the meantime, here's the link to his author page: ACKMAN

And if you haven't ordered The Book of Invasions yet (or if you have, but now want a dozen copies to give to your dearest friends), click HERE.