Jun. 3, 2022

Jake for Mayor

As the new kid at Penmore Press, I'm taking the opportunity to get to know other authors on the team by profiling one of them each week. A side benefit is that I'm finding all kinds of wonderful new books to read and recommend. This week's author is Lou Aguilar.

Lou has written for The Washington Post and USA Today in addition to producing a few small movies, including the sci-fi cult flick "Electra," which is 33rd on Maxim's list of "The 50 Coolest 'B' Films of All Time." Not a bad resume credit. He's also a scriptwriter, and that's how his Penmore offering, Jake for Mayor, began. Here's the blurb from his Penmore author's page:

"Ken Miller is having a bad run of luck. After torpedoing his career as a campaign manager, he drives through tiny Erie, Colorado, when a homeless beagle named Jake causes a series of mishaps that lands him in jail. Ken is granted bail on two conditions: that he not leave town before his trial in three weeks and—much to his chagrin—that he not let Jake out of his sight until then. Stuck in Erie as it prepares for a mayoral election, he’s drawn into the local politics by a waitress who vehemently opposes incumbent Charles Dunbar, the only candidate on the ticket. Unable to resist political adventure, Ken gets a brainstorm. If he can exploit the dog’s popularity among the townspeople and get them to elect Jake as a protest candidate, the publicity will put him back on top. But things don’t go exactly as planned. Ken warms to the dog, falls for the waitress, and employs her teenage son and his gang as campaign aides in a madcap battle with Mayor Dunbar … who has no intention of losing to a dog."

The original script for Jake for Mayor was optioned for a movie...the dream of almost every writer. But, according Aguilar, the script was bounced around, revised and "changed for the worse." In the end, the film was never produced, and Aguilar decided to revise the script into a novel. The result sounds like an entertaining read that examines the human foibles inherent in small-town politics and embraces the love and healing goodness of dogs.

I'll be passing along Jake for Mayor to a few special friends who I know would enjoy the book. And you can check out Aguilar's website by clicking HERE. You can also order Jake for Mayor through Penmore Press by clicking AGUILAR.