Jun. 19, 2022

The Lockwoods of Clonakilty

Author Mark Bois and I have a couple of things in common. It seems we both enjoy history. I love delving into historical research for the books I've written, while Bois earned a master's degree in history. We both also have an interest in ireland, an interest Bois coupled with a fascination with military history to write his Lockwoods series, published by Penmore Press.

Bois is the fourth writer associated with Penmore Press that I've profiled. Penmore's diverse catalog contains novels about military history, thrillers, mysteries, humor, fantasy and much more. As I work my way through their team of authors, I'm discovering good books to add to my own reading list. And I hope some of this blog's readers find book ideas for themselves.

The first of three books in Bois's series is The Lockwoods of Clonakilty. The teaser from his author page at Penmore's site describes the novel as follows:

"Bearing wounds from the Battle of Waterloo, Lieutenant James Lockwood returns to Ireland seeking the refuge of home, his wife, and their five children. But the joy of their reunion is short-lived. As an Anglo-Irish family they find themselves caught in the sectarian strife that plagues their country. And they continue to be haunted by a twisted madman, Captain Charles Barr of the regiment, who possesses knowledge of a secret that could ruin them. As Barr’s sanity slips away, he betrays the Lockwoods, and James is ordered to leave Ireland. Before sailing for India, the Lockwoods allow their daughter Cissy to remain at home to care for their dying housekeeper. Cissy soon discovers that she is being stalked by a man who intends her great harm. She is determined to face the threat—but has few allies she can count on. Set against the sweeping backdrop of foreign wars and a country violently divided against itself, The Lockwoods of Clonakilty tells the story of a family that must rely on cunning, courage, and—above all—love in order to survive."

Bois's work has earned some hearty praise. And he seems to have poured much of his own heart into it. According to his bio, "Bois believes that it’s important to share the stories not only of soldiers, but also of those who wait for them to come home. He writes of the burdens they bear alone, and together."

He believes his most recent book, Captain James Lockwood, is his favorite, and it received a nice review from the website Pirates and Privateers, where reviewer Cindy Vallar wrote, "This immersive third book in the Lockwood series is a tale of prejudice, betrayal, justice, and bigotry. Bois provides stark contrasts of slavery and oppression in ways that make readers react to the injustice meted out to the characters. At the same time, he deftly shows that not all people think and act the same, that there are good and bad people on both sides of the coin."

And according to Bois, a fourth book in the Lockwood series may be coming soon.

If you wish to give The Lockwoods of Clonakilty a try, click HERE.

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