Jul. 3, 2022

Assassins of Alamut

I continue to work my way through Penmore Press's dynamic and award-winning team of authors. This week's focus is on James Boschert, author of the nine-book Talon series, whose opening salvo, Assassins of Alamut, was described by the Historical Novel Society as “A rare first novel that not only is well written and crafted by a confident author but is also solidly based on research and the life experiences of the author…Engaging and superbly executed."

Boschert's craft has been influenced by colorful and sometimes dangerous life experiences. For most of us, our life experiences are no more harrowing than attempting to negotiate a Costco parking lot with an over-full cart. Boschert's include joining the British Army at age fifteen, fighting in the jungle wars in Borneo and Malaysia, surviving a perilous escape from Iran after the 1978 revolution, and helping to develop laser telescopes in California.

The Talon series is set in twelfth-century Palestine, focusing on a young boy who is kidnapped and trained to become an assassin. Here's the teaser from Boschert's author page for the first book, Assassins of Alamut:

'Talon de Gilles, son of a Christian knight of Jerusalem during the time of the Crusades, is only 13 when ferocious Saracens attack his family’s caravan and take him captive. Instead of selling him into slavery, slaying him for their amusement or ransoming him, his captors impose a dire fate upon the boy, forcing Talon to become one of them, an Assassin of the Ismaili, the most feared and hated sect in all of Persia, and beyond.

The Master of the Ismaili has plans for this young ferengi, who will be able to pass unnoticed among Europeans to reach targets that not even the most skillful Saracen could approach unchallenged – if he survives his training and initiation. But when Talon, his friend Reza, and Rav’an, the Master’s own sister, discover treachery in the stronghold of Alamut, they must flee, using all their skills to evade the ruthless assassins who are sent to hunt them down, from the frozen wastes of snow-laden mountain passes to the flowering gardens of Isfahan and beyond.'

Boschert is the author of several other titles as well, including Midshipman Graham and the Battle of Abukir, North Sea Windstorm, and When the Jungle Is Silent.

Part of my mission in profiling Penmore authors is to help readers find good books that might pique their interests, and both Assassins of Alamut and When the Jungle is Silent have piqued mine. If you're interested in giving Assassins of Alamut a try, click HERE.

For Boschert's author website, click Boschert.

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