Jul. 21, 2022

Hand of Glory

Susan Boulton has a couple of consuming interests. One is World War I. The other is really creepy legends. And she managed to combine these interests to create a singular book, Hand of Glory.

I've been taking a closer look at Pemore Press's team of authors over the past weeks, and I've discovered some pretty intriguing offerings. That's a good thing, because I'm always looking for new books to recommend.

Hand of Glory has a mysterious, perhaps supernatural bit of backstory that originates with an ancient myth. There are several different tellings of this myth, but almost all revolve around the mysterious powers associated with the hand of a criminal, cut off after he is hanged. Some of the myths contend that the hand can open any door, put a victim to sleep, or shatter stone. That's a pretty compelling starting point. Here's the synopsis of Susan's book from the Penmore author site:

“And all that awake now be as the dead, for the dead man’s sake . . .” In Passchendaele near the end of the Great War, Captain Giles Hardy is trapped on barbed wire, wounded in mind and body, convinced he should be dead. But Giles’s true battle begins after he’s rescued and sent home. In the small town of Stafford, he struggles with terrifying visions of the atrocities he’s witnessed–and a recruit he served with.

The visions lead Giles to a man who exploits the grief of the bereaved with the help of a Hand of Glory, a mythical tool of thieves. A new friend, Agnes Reed, and the ghost of an old one, Corporal George Adams, aid Hardy in his investigation. Now he must catch the thief, destroy the hand, and lay to rest the men who will otherwise never leave the fields of Flanders.

Susan has lived all her life in rural Staffordshire, UK. The area's history, its myths, and its legends have informed her writing. Her first novel, Oracle, is a steampunk fantasy of political intrigue. She also has a number of dark fantasy short stories to her credit.

If you'd like to learn more about Susan and her work, check out her Pemore author age HERE.

And if you're thinking of giving Hand of Glory a try, click BOOK.