Aug. 9, 2022

The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone

Penmore Press author Michael Brown is the real deal.

He's a retired Hollywood film editor who has won three Emmy Awards as well a Career Achievement Award as a film editor. Not only that, Brown has sold numerous TV scripts to NBC, ABC, and CBS. And his first novel, ‘William & Lucy,’ won the 2012 Global eBook Award for Best Historical Novel of the Year (era 1500-1940).

And under the Penmore Press banner, he has published the historical novel, The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone.

Brown is the focus of this month's author-related blog. I've been working my way through Penmore Press's extensive catalog, looking for intriguing titles to recommend. (Who doesn't enjoy a good book recommendation?) Many Penmore authors have delved into historical fiction, and Brown's The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone looks like an exceptional choice. Here's the blurb from his Penmore author page:

Nora, a young Irish heiress and her friend, Anne, lose family and friends through plague and Oliver Cromwell’s cruel invading forces. Escaping with a valuable family document, Nora and Anne leave Ireland amidst a firefight that disfigures an English Captain—a man who swears eternal vengeance! Upon arrival in the American colonies, Nora and Anne experience humanity at its worst. Nora calls upon her inner strength to fight for her virtue and freedom—only to have her efforts turn to ash. The disfigured English Captain is assigned to a post in Jamestown. He begins to stalk Nora with plans for revenge. Billy, who has loved Nora since they were children, arrives in the settlement with a price on his head. He risks all in an attempt to free his friends. By turns heartbreaking, suspenseful, and romantic, The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone, is a stunning story of loss and retribution, of friendship and love, and of white slavery in America’s past.

As someone who has always been fascinated by the American colonial life, this book is going onto my reading list. A flight for survival, unrequited love, secret documents, and a vengeful enemy--it all sounds like great fun.

If you'd like to add a copy to your to-read collection, your can order it by clicking ORDER.

You can reach Michael Brown's Amazon Author page by clicking HERE, and his Penmore Press page by clicking PENMORE. The Penmore link will also give you access to hundreds of other titles by Penmore authors.

Happy reading.